Shirley Cai is a writer and photographer. As a second generation Australian, she is interested in exploring the experience of living at the intersection of two cultures. 

With a Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound Production) from the University of New South Wales and a professional background in media and communications, Shirley is equipped with the skills to tell compelling stories across written, visual and audio mediums. Along with this, she is passionate about finding diverse and meaningful ways to disseminate such stories in our current information ecosystem. 

Her work has been published in Life & ThymeBrownbook Magazine and Broadsheet Sydney

She also has a deep affinity for print. So in her spare time, she self-publishes photobooks and zines such as Safe PlaceFran Sancisco and New York, New York; and works as the Art Director for the multicultural food journal Peddler, which was featured in the New York Times round up of '14 Food Titles To Know'

She is currently based in New York. 

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